About Us

Sunflower Hill Luxury Inn began as a family affair. Founded in 1989 by Richard and Marjorie Stucki, the Inn flourished under their industry and creativity. Two of the family's eight children, Robyn and Jeff, became partners in the enterprise in 1993. Gregg, another family member, joined the Inn's team in 1997 as General Manager until the sale of the Inn in December 2020. The Stucki influence is evident throughout the Inn.

As Gregg says...

"Just as a caterpillar is not destined to remain a caterpillar forever, a new vision is taking shape, with a new destiny to unfold."

Emily Niehaus assumed the new role of innkeeper as of January 2020. Emily fell in love with the peace and beauty of the Sunflower Hill Inn and has every intention of operating the Inn at the same level of care and attention as Gregg and his family have done over the years. Expect some new faces, modern touches, and a refreshed breakfast menu at the Inn while you enjoy the serenity and beauty cultivated by the Stucki family.

And if you were wondering what's happening next door...we are celebrating the transformation of the old historic Ranch House to serve as a new schoolhouse for Heron School, a secondary school for twice exceptional [2E] students. This new use will compliment the serenity of the property as we continue to operate the Sunflower Hill Inn indefinitely. Find out more information at www.heronschool.com.

We invite you to be part of this history. Come for a visit and become part of the history of the Sunflower Hill Inn.